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Just Awsome

Dude i cant believe it was even possible to create such a master peice with flash.... just stunning work mate. i realy cant wait for the next episode cause i soo badly want to know what happens next. plus i have not seen a better animater yet. you are soo on my fav list. keep up the good work.


after watching the first one like 10min ago this one rocked.. great job on this one. i hope to see more cool flashes from you in the furture.

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omg thats was so cool and funny. i think it was great where he says killing rocks part. i can only hope i get as good with flash as you are.

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i have seen many flash games and i love this one. awsome work, this was very well done. keep up the good work and i hope to see more of your work in the future :D

OMG i cant get enough

i love this game way too much. its so funny when you just go around killing little kids who dont expect a thing, mmmmyes.... exelent job on this game.


OMFG how you did it i will never know but that was very very very well done in flash. i did not think it was possible to make a realy good game like that...... you should make more like this cause this shit da bomb...

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very cool although it loops it could come in handy with flash movies

Master-Tang666 responds:

also i put (short version) cause i plan to make it longer somehow later on

try agian?

i was looking for a shot gun sound for my flash movie which im trying to make and i download yours and all i get is crackling noise that just terrible for the ears. i think something has gone wrong when you sent it. ill keep any eye out if you submit another one thats a bit more clear.

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Doko responds:

My audio converter had some sort or glitch, its been doing that to all of the files ive put through it, if you really need one i can make another!

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